Providing A Broad Range Of Entertainment Legal Services

The Entertainment and Media Group at GladstoneWeisberg ALC handles a wide range of sophisticated entertainment industry transactions and litigation in the areas of film, television, publishing, live theater, concert touring and equipment rental. Our clients include executive producers, directors and above-the-line talent in film and television programming, including actors, directors, producers, and screen, book and comic book authors.

Our attorneys also are known throughout the industry for dedicated representation of entertainment insurers and completion guarantors.

Comprehensive Legal Services For Entertainment Industry Professionals

At our California law office, we provide a broad range of entertainment legal services, including:

  • Evaluating, negotiating and documenting above and below-the-line performances, service and rental agreements, publishing agreements, licensing agreements, distribution deals, marketing and promotion agreements, merchandising, touring and live event agreements, executive employment contracts; and enforcing rights of privacy and publicity
  • Production legal work on film and television projects
  • Advising on protecting intellectual property rights, digital rights, piracy, internet law, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets
  • New media and communications; digital distribution; software licensing; First Amendment issues; FCC regulation and compliance; ownership issues; all forms of radio broadcasting
  • Entertainment insurance and completion guaranty coverage and litigation
  • Expert witness/litigation consultant services

Retain A Skilled Entertainment Lawyer For Immediate Legal Help

Our job is to focus on our clients' needs regarding entertainment contracts and litigation while these professionals focus on what they do best. For personalized, cost-conscious representation, contact GladstoneWeisberg ALC in Southern California by filling out our online intake form or calling our firm at 800-215-7237.